Sitemap - 2021 -

Web3: the rise of the aligned web

The blockchain in historical perspective

The Feed & The Tokenization of Reality

Pseudonymity and the billion-user table

How the blockchain will break up Big Tech

Cryptocurrency and the Great Unbundling

Coupling, drift, and the AI nobody noticed

Segmentation faults: how machine learning trains us to appear insane to one another

Phrenology, insurance claims, and digital gaydar

Coinbase and the death of media’s stewardship model

Is machine learning in the enterprise mostly "snake oil"?

The dealer economy

When software writes the software that eats the world

Twilight of the AI nerds

The horseshoe theory behind the MIT virus skeptic study

A US vs. China conflict and the Internet of War Things

Welcome to the Everything Game

Significant Bits: a semiconductor industrial crash? AI news from China and the US. Much more on the Basecamp drama

Tech's dilemma: should you be allowed to say you want a revolution?

AI has a walled garden problem

No, the FTC is not about to wade into the AI bias wars

Issues in AI: moral responsibility, skepticism, and more regulation

EU set to kill AI startups; how chip shortages are like gun shortages; Twitter's unsolvable AI ethics paradox

Why a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a catastrophe for China and the world

Computer vision, AI in war, and the definition of "bad"

Clubhouse is probably our best hope for training an AI to communicate like a human

Why I've grown less skeptical about artificial general intelligence

Understanding the role of "racist algorithms" in AI ethics discourse

Some followups on the politics of machine translation

The politics of machine translation

On the problem of regulating artificial intelligence

New Google tool is the whole AI debate in widget form

An open letter, and Facebook's side of the story

Facebook's bias games, & the problem of size

Should the law require Alexa to speak like a social justice activist?

Google's Colosseum