There is one surefire indicator that, this is time around, AI is real: the Large Lawyer Model.

We've been here before, many times. I'd say the most recent version was the Google Books case (is showing "snippets" of books fair use?). Even before that, arguably Google itself, especially the Google cache. Remember, storing a copy of so many web pages was once denounced as repeated copyright violations. As your quote illustrates, The Internet itself was essentially fulminated against as a massive copyright violation. It's going to be quite a ride, and many lawyers will get very rich.

But I wouldn't lay any of this at the feet of Gebru et al. That's just culture war, of trying to connect one's opponents to all the ills of the world. They simply aren't significant at all at this level, of multibillion-dollar megacorporations. I'd gently suggest you've got a bit of pundit tunnel-vision about that faction. It reminds me a bit of religious conservative arguments I've come across which run roughly along the lines of: "Atheists have only themselves to blame for Trumpism. By arguing against God's universal morality and for moral relativism, the Atheists opened the door for fracturing society into separate realities of "fake news" and "alternative facts" and all of the evils of standpoint epistemology, rather the eternal verities of the One True God". Just like Trumpists don't care about Atheists, the copyright rent-seekers are worlds apart from "AI ethics". Sure, there might be a "gotcha" bit of attempted clever rhetoric from someone somewhere, but there's no deep intellectual connection.

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