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"decisions about what billions of users can do on a handful of large tech platforms are left to the “trust and safety” teams inside the bowels of Big Tech".

It is in the nature of our capitalist model to privatize censorship and it is to the benefit of our politicians to avoid being tarred with the 'censorship' brush.

It is in the nature of China's model to publicize censorship, as they have done for centuries. They appoint their leading public intellectuals to run the program, publicize the rules he must follow, and encourage people to challenge unfair censorial decisions. That's why 80% of Chinese trust their media and why mass media are thriving.

Beijing's approach to AI uses the same carrot and stick approach: billions for AI startups; ten million high schooler grads this year have passed an AI course; one of their first exascale computers was designed exclusively for AI processing.

The price is a mix of 'golden shares' in companies; Party Secretaries in their C-Suites; access to their data, and the lead in writing legislation that attracts 66% support in Congress.

Xi has been known all his life as a strong finisher, and he chairs the committee to which guys who run programs like Ai Promotion report. Li Qiang, the new Prime Minister will ride herd on it, since he turning Shanghai into a booming technology hotbed.

Now, add all those factors together and you can see why AI Guru Kaifu Lee says China is already ahead of us in exploring and exploiting AI and the gap widens daily.

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