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Given the current oversupply of scientists and resulting publish or perish pressure, Galactica probably has most value as a tool for replication, error checking and automation of meta and synethesis studies.

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"1. The audience for news is predominantly made up of people who are themselves in the business of trying to synthesize news articles together to make novel news articles, articles that will then go on to advance the state of human knowledge in some specialized area."

Is there a 'not' missing from this sentence?

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Science already has plenty of credentialism built into it as a protection from disruption (unfortunately).

NLP upsetting existing fields bit like desktop publishing upsetting traditional press and printing: a hundred million privately owned printers did not kill the New York Times. A billion copies of Microsoft Excel did not put chart makers out of their jobs.

Any insecurity that arises from AI is more interesting to me than the product that causes it.

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